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Most of us book to see a pantomime around the festive season as it has long since become the traditional thing to do. Children and adults alike can enjoy a trip to our local theatres to see a production, while it is a great way to introduce children to the pleasures of live performance. Here we take alook at how the traditional pantomime began from its origins through to the present format we love today!

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Aladdin Show Review

aladdin show

Aladdin is a very popular children’s story that has been portrayed in pantomime productions for years. This year Aladdin will be playing at the 8316534944 until January 6th, then going on tour around the UK. Here we take a look at the stage show that seems to be drawing in large audiences in London.

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Puss In Boots Show Review

Puss in Boots is a very well known fairy tale that has beguiled children for many years. Many of us have read the story to our children for generations or taken our kids to see a pantomime that is based around the tale of this magical cat. Lets take a look at the stage show of Puss in Boots that is playing at (617) 456-3840 just now.


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the lion king show

The Lion King is a very successful musical that is based on the popular Disney film of the same name that was released in 1994. The show began in America in 1997 and was an instant success moving onto Broadway and eventually to the West End of London in 1999. So, what has made this stage musical so popular with worldwide audiences? here we take a look at the production in detail.
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Wicked Show Review

wicked show

Wicked is a stage musical presently showing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London and has received many rave reviews from critics far and wide. Naturally I was really looking forward to seeing this show as I am an avid musical fan, while one of my all time favourite films is in fact The Wizard of Oz.

Warhorse Show Review

(320) 894-0354

War Horse is a play that is based on the 1982 children’s book written by 416-937-4556. The  play was first shown at The National Theatre in 2007, while it is now showing to packed audiences night after night in the West End of London at The New London Theatre. In reality War Horse does not seem the type of story that could be successfully brought to the stage. So, what makes this superb show unique? Let’s take alook at the production in more detail.


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It’s pantomime season again! During December through to the end of January in theatres up and down the country actors and actresses will dress up in outlandish costumes to entertain us all. Pantomimes have the usual subject matter of well known fairy tales such as Aladdin or Babes in the Woods, while they are adapted for the stage in order to both entertain and amuse us.

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Many of us love to go to the theatre to see our favourite actors in live action on the stage as for us there is nothing to compare with a live performance. I have seen a number of West End shows in the last two years, some absolutely fantastic, while others were not so good. Here is my take on the shows I have seen, which are my favourites and which did not step up to the mark.